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Are you a Fintech from MENA and ready to scale into a high growth market? Looking to scale in a market with a POC with one of the leading banks in Pakistan? If yes, then apply now and get a chance to pitch and compete with the best on a global to stage and win a chance to work closely with Pakistan’s extremely agile Fintech ecosystem.

The Pakistan Fintech Challenge 2021 is set to bring Fintech talent from all over the world and create Proof of Concepts POC’s to promote financial inclusion, SME financing, RegTech and Payments in Pakistan for economic development, transformation and diversification. The PFS2021 being driven by our Fintech partners will lead to forging stronger long term partnerships with leading banks, fintech and key stakeholders in Pakistan.

As a part of Pakistan Fintech Challenge, PFS will conduct virtual road shows across key fintech hubs and scout top fintech solutions and support the growth of the fintech industry in Pakistan. Excited to announce the first annual Pakistan Fintech Tour will be held from 16th January– 3rd March 2021. Winners also get a chance to compete in Fintech Abu Dhabi 2021


Hong Kong


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