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Governor State Bank joins Pakistan Fintech Summit!

Jan 6, 2020.

KARACHI: On 3rd of January, a meeting between Dr. Reza Baqir (Governor State Bank Pakistan), Sohail Javvad (Head of Payment Systems Department, SBP), Nadeem Hussain (CEO, PlanetN) and Nameer Khan (Chairman MFTA), went successfully with the launch of Pakistan Fintech Summit - Annual Fintech Conference of Pakistan in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan. A successful partnership was formed as the Governor came on board for Pakistan Fintech Summit happening in April, 2020. He further stated the importance of such a large scale event happening for the first time in Pakistan where the economy has seen a rise in digital payments in the past couple of years. He stated "Pakistan presents exciting opportunity for Fintech that can offer innovative and efficient services using disruptive technologies to solve the problem of financial exclusion especially for women and youth.
As a progressive regulator, SBP is working with all stakeholders to harness growth opportunities that Fintech present for Financial Inclusion and modernization of the economy.
I am hopeful that the Fintech Summit will extend out-of-box solutions to the industry and the policy makers while at the same time deliberating on the opportunities and risks of new disruptive technologies like Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and cloud hosting."

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