Our stellar lineup of speakers from across the globe bringing the world of FinTech to you. Find out more about them!

Dr. Reza Baqir

Governor - State Bank of Pakistan

Hakan Eroglu

Global Open banking Lead Advisors - Mastercard

Nameer Khan

Chairman - MENA Fintech Association

Krystel Mahfoud

CEO - 961 Management

Nadeem Hussain

Chairman - Planet N

Richard Teng

CEO - Financial Services Regulatory Authority ADGM

Steve Kirsch

CEO - M10 Networks Inc.

Daniel Seal

Founder & CEO - Unbound Innovation

Takeshi Kito

Vice Chairman - Fintech Association of Japan

Junaid Iqbal

Managing Director - Careem Pay

Wai Lum Kwok

Executive Director - Capital Markets ADGM

Peter Hazlehurst

Head of Uber Money

Mohammed Ali Yusuf

Vice President - Checkout.com

Michael O'Loughlin

Managing Director - Token

Muneeb Maayr

Founder - Bykea

Halima Iqbal

Founder & CEO - Oraan

Sohail Javaad

Director - Payment Systems Department, SBP

And more to be revealed soon!